Support for You or Your Loved One

Whether you live locally in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade counties, or out of state, at Senior Care Planning, our primary focus is to advocate for you or your loved one no matter where you reside.

Our personalized assessment assists us in working with you on an individualized basis, creating a plan of care that is specific to meet your needs. Ongoing visits are beneficial as they are a simple approach to provide oversight and solutions. Assessments can be completed in the home, hospital, assisted living community or nursing and rehabilitation centers.  We promote independence, safety, and create affordable options.  Some ways to achieve this are through:

  • Assessments and personalized visits
  • Housing Options: Independent Living, Assisted Living
    Memory Care, Rehabilitation, Nursing Home
  • Continuous communication with loved ones
  • Physician and medical professional liaison
  • Medical appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Travel companion and arrangements

We will be your “eyes” and your “ears” when you cannot be present.


An advocate promotes the client and family desires while keeping in mind resources, finances, and current health issues to ensure that client needs are being sufficiently addressed. An advocate is non-judgmental, provides available options, and continues to provide support on a going basis. Since a client and family need are fluid and never remain the same, the advocate has to remain flexible and have the ability to provide support on an ongoing basis as needs change. Knowledge of community resources and excellent communication is key to successful outcomes.


A Care Manager-Aging Life Care Professional™ has the professional expertise to assess a client’s needs. The staff at Senior Care Planning will visit their clients in their current living environment and complete a comprehensive assessment to determine needs. Factors such as physical, mental, financial needs are addressed as well as safety. When a professional assessment is complete, proper planning and quality decision making can take place.

Navigation Throughout the Healthcare System

Although we do not provide medical services, we have a strong background in the health care arena. We are able to be the liaison between physicians, hospital staff, home care companies, hospices, etc. Often communication amongst professionals can be very challenging. We take the challenges out of the communication and ensure that improved communication assists with promoting quality care and getting the answers needed to make informed decisions.

Medical Liaison

Medical appointments and follow-up are an integral part of an individual’s well-being. Often, without the proper support, appointments get overlooked, missed and coordination amongst medical professionals does not get followed through. This also includes being present at medical appointments, rehabilitation stays, hospitalization and even while living in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care communities.

A Care Manager can ensure that appointments are scheduled, kept, and that accurate communication about current issues and conditions are relayed. Coordination with the medical team is the most important aspect of proper medical attention. Senior Care Planning coordinates with other health care professionals, such as nurses, to monitor proper medication management and assess any health concerns.


  • Accompany to medical appointments to share accurate and pertinent information with the health care team and designated representatives/clients
  • Coordinate physician appointments to ensure visits
  • Share information between medical teams to ensure that records are kept up to date
  • Hospital visits to communicate with medical team and coordinate services
  • Rehabilitation visits and Care Planning meeting attendance to create oversight and communication amongst staff and family
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