Throughout her professional career as a Social Worker, Nursing Home Administrator and Assisted Living Director, Marlene has been deeply passionate about advocacy for older adults. Typically, older adults and their family-friends find it overwhelming when navigating the maze of health care options.

Common questions are: Who do I ask? Who do I trust? Where do I turn? What are my options? How do I get assistance? Can I stay at home? Will my insurance cover the services? How do I get benefits? Where will I live? What does a Care Manager Do? We do it all!

Each individual has a variety of circumstances, creating different needs both physically and financially. A Certified Care Manger is a coordinator of care and resources, not personal caregiving. Her expertise is in the areas of assessment, planning and coordination of services. Providing resources and caregiver-family support is a key component in offering solutions to improve quality of life while encouraging wellness and maintaining independence.

  • Any individual who needs guidance/coaching with an older adult related to needing an assessment, services, benefits, housing or residential options
  • Anyone who is currently unsafe in their environment and needs recommendations
  • Limited support
  • Caregiver burnout
  • Lack of knowledge about care solutions
  • Family conflict about where to turn and who to turn to


Aging Life Care Professionals™ have to meet certain criteria to be an advanced member of the Aging Life Care Association. As a Certified Care Manager, Marlene has a Master’s degree in Social Work and maintains over 42 hours of continuing education every two years. She also had to pass a certification exam. She must maintain a code of ethics and standards.

A professional can provide continuity of care, quality recommendations with service providers, personalized services, and support with exceptional knowledge about the aging population. Experience and relationship building with community professionals is key to a successful outcome.

Care Managers have a diverse background. Some are nurses and some are social workers. Many are referred to as advisers, navigators, consultants or concierges. Look for education, certifications and experience based upon need.

Our fees are billed on an hourly rate. Some services are billed at a flat rate based upon the type of services needed.

Billing is done every two weeks unless other provisions are mutually agreed upon.

Communication is either done in person, telephone, email, faxing or texting. All communication is at the direction of the client or legal representative. All information is HIPAA compliant-privacy always kept in mind. Excellent communication is first and foremost for the most successful professional relationship.

Yes, we are available for emergencies. Contact us at 954-806-6035.

Yes, we are pleased to provide references with current clients and past clients upon request.

Marlene has been working with older adults since the 1970’s. She started Senior Care Planning in 2012 and has been grateful every day she is able to provide support.

Marlene has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education, a Master’s degree in Social Work, and is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and Assisted Living Administrator. She is also a Certified Senior Advisor and a Certified Aging Life Care Professional™.

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