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We are advocates with strength in promoting independence, supporting client and family wishes and desires while making certain that needs are being met physically, emotionally and financially.

An Aging Life Care Professional ™, also known as a Geriatric Care Manager, works with clients and families who are dealing with challenges while caring for older adults. We provide guidance in the areas of Advocacy, Education, Assessment, Monitoring, Advance Planning, Problem Solving, Family and Caregiver Coaching.

These supportive services benefit the individuals caring for older adults and the older adult themselves, by creating answers to promote independence while providing safe solutions.


  • Client & Family Support
  • In Home Assessments
  • Home Care Referrals
  • Benefit Information
  • Alternative Housing Solutions/Placement Assistance
  • Relocation/Moving Services
  • Real Estate & Auto Sales
  • Adaptive Medical Equipment
  • Hospital, Rehabilitation, Assisted Living Visits
  • Visits with Clients & Medical Professionals
  • Medical Appointment Scheduling and Tracking
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Bill Pay Assistance
  • Cleaning Services
  • Travel Companions
  • End of Life Guidance
  • Legal, Financial & Professional Referrals

An Aging Life Care Professional™, or Geriatric Care Manager has the professional education and experience to evaluate and either provide the services or refer to a network of professionals that will aide in the support of the client and family. There are many focused areas that a Care Manager is able to assist with:


Navigating through the maze of our complicated health care system is a significant aspect of what a Care Manager can assist with. Hand holding along the way provides a sense of support and comfort to those individuals seeking guidance.

Medical Liaison

With our expertise in health care, we are able to accompany clients to the physician appointments, during hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays and even while in Independent Living and Assisted Living. We have the skill to work with multiple disciplines, coordinate services and keep open lines of communication with all parties involved with privacy consents. We work closely with nurses when the circumstances call for nursing intervention. We are a non-medical service.


Assist with problem-solving related to care-giving, care concerns, long distances among family members, adjustment, and conflicting decisions related to the older adult family dynamics.


Assist with bill pay, overview of bills and assist with evaluation of expenses, apply for entitlement programs, initiate long term care insurance claim applications while following through until the claim is processed. We also have the ability to refer to Financial Advisors, Elder Law Attorney’s and Estate Planners.


Residential options such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Short Term Rehabilitation and Long-Term placement are our specialty. We are able to locate communities based upon assessment for appropriate care, location and financial ability.

Urgent Interventions

Care Managers have the ability to offer interventions during an emergency hospitalization or an emergent situation. We are able to intervene 24/7 within a reasonable period of time, when it is much needed. Often families are residing far away or are even local with the inability to leave work or family in an emergency. A Care Manager has the ability to quickly navigate the system to obtain answers to assist with problem solving.

Legal Guidance

We refer to a network of legal professionals such as Elder Law Attorneys, Health Care Attorneys, Estate Planners, Probate Attorneys, Guardianship Attorneys, and Real Estate Attorneys and many more, when the need arises.

Medical Professional Referrals

Our strong relationships with physicians, nurses, home care companies, physical, occupational and speech therapists, and caregivers benefit clients and their families. We are able to refer and stay involved during our care management support.

Benefit Assistance

Care Managers are able to provide evaluation for entitlement programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps and Long-Term Care programs in the state. We do not provide legal advice.

Additional Coordination of Services

So may clients and their families have additional needs. We are able to coordinate other services such as relocation move managers, downsizing professionals, estate sales, realtors for selling properties, cleaning services, automobile sales and many more. We also provide pet care when a loved one enters the hospital or rehabilitation.

Hurricane Preparedness

Living in South Florida has its challenges during hurricane season. We ensure that clients are safe prior to and during a storm. This includes, securing property, ample food, medical supplies and often means temporarily relocating or hiring additional support staff until the storm is over.

Travel Companionship

We often accompany clients who relocate to be closer to family. We will either accompany the client with one of our Care Managers or coordinate services to have a companion. We will also arrange transportation to and from the destination.

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